Luminous Liminality

This annual fall event involves walking into the labyrinth with illuminated bags of light then leaving them in the center.

Fall Labyrinth


Autumn is the time of letting go and bringing forth. As we move out of summer and start planning for winter it is time to let go of what no longer works for us: outmoded ideas; negative thinking; certain people; habits; clothes that don’t fit… as we move forward, take a moment to write down what you can shed that will make your load lighter.
Autumn is also a time to harvest what we have worked hard to bring forth- the fruits of our labor. It is a time to explore new ideas and habits and to invite ourselves to rise to the next level.  Now is a time to evaluate our strengths and how they can benefit us on our journey forward into the darkness and contemplation that winter brings.
At the entrance of the labyrinth or in your own journal, write both what you want to let go of and what you want to bring forth on separate pieces of paper. as you walk the labyrinth, think about what it will mean to you to let go of what you have written. Acknowledge the lessons learned from it. When you get to the center, place your piece of paper in the LET GO jar.
Now read again what you have written to bring forth. Think about how it will impact you to move forward with these words and ideas as you walk out of the labyrinth. When you return to the entrance put your piece of paper in the BRING FORTH jar.
Give thanks.